Areas of Operation

  • Head Hunting & Talent Acquisition: carrying out precision searches and checks to identify the best candidates and selecting them for our clients using a variety of tools has been our core business right from the start.

  • Talent Development: we create and develop a variety of unique, tailored learning experiences to assist and support the growth of your personnel and your company.

  • Human Capital Management: we help you to reassess and adjust your Human Capital management processes and evaluate the skills, abilities and potential of your Human Resources in line with your corporate culture and strategy.

Head Hunting & Talent Acquisition

We employ precision searches and direct checks to identify the best candidates and select them, using a variety of tools; this has been our core business since we started out.

Every search is different and our approach to it is unique; we focus on the needs and requests of the company and respond by taking them on board and sharing one of our most important values: confidence.

For every search we provide an organisational mapping of the corporate functions that we identify and a representation of the salary position pertaining to the posts we evaluate. This thorough intelligence work is particularly recognised by our clients in their additional support of our quest for talent.

Head Hunting e Talent Acquisition

Selection Process

The process begins with a briefing with the client to get an understanding of their needs and requirements, and after a careful combination of research, head-hunting, selection and recruitment, concludes with the appointment of the right candidate by the company.

La ricerca diretta


We have direct search experience in a range of different industries and appoint research teams that are composed of a consultant and a researcher,both selected for their specific skills, experience and expertise in the target sector.

  • Manufacturing (Oil & Gas – Packaging - Automotive)
  • Utilities
  • Banking
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Large-scale distribution
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverage
  • ICT
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Science
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Property
  • PA

Talent Development

We create and develop a variety of unique, tailored learning experiences to assist and support the growth of your personnel and your company.

We provide extraordinary training courses and coaching - unique indoor and outdoor events to motivate and encourage people to participate in constructive development.

talent development

The Process

Our training is geared to the specific Organisations and Individuals that take part in it, because we believe this is the only way that training can constitute an effective vehicle for change.

That is why we deliver distinctive and original learning experiences based on the objectives, resources and requirements of the client.

We support our Clients through the Finance process for Training: from raising appropriate funding and introducing the programme, to financial reporting.

il metodo

The Method

The way we steer the learning experience greatly determines the outcome.

We think of the training experience as an enzyme: a catalyst, an accelerator, an agent of change that responds to the specific requirements and features of each project and each individual.

That’s why we have developed many different training formats that we calibrate and adapt to the specific content of each project.

il metodo

Human Capital Management

The objective of our Human Capital Management division is to support Organisations in achieving optimum effectiveness in their Human Capital management processes and keep them in line with corporate culture and current and future business challenges.

We work in close and ongoing cooperation with companies to evaluate, check and, where appropriate, introduce or restructure Human Capital management processes, taking into consideration important benchmarks and national and international partnerships.

human capital management.png

Assessment and Evaluation Systems

Assessment and evaluation systems are an important area of management intervention in terms of company decisions taken at the various stages of selection, career-planning and development.

We provide Clients with various methodologies, tools and techniques enable them to invest in Human Resources in a scientific and statistically predictive manner for success in the future.

We have the experience in this area to implement structured and semi-structured interviews, focus groups and questionnaires, group dynamics and individual tests, using a variety of tools and methods. We are Certified Hogan Assessment Systems and MatrigmaAssessors.

Essentially, we build a tailored assessment plan based on the requirements, culture and business strategies of each individual company, working alongside the Company and our group of assessors, and in total observance of the ethical, professional and confidentiality principles that such activities demand.

We can carry out this type of intervention on a number of company targets: Senior Management, Middle Management, Key Position Holders/High Potential and Recent graduates.

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Business Simulation

Business Simulation is an extremely effective instrument for supporting the processes of learning and change in a company.

With Business Simulation the participants are gradually introduced to new information and new stimuli to simulate the corporate conditions and environment where people make decisions; they work in groups, managing resources and witnessing the effect this has on company resources. All within a protected, confidential and fun environment.

We help employees at all levels within the organisation to develop a common vision and a 360° view of the business; when people understand how the various parts influence the bigger picture, they can make more effective decisions on a day-to-day basis and transform the knowledge they have gained into concrete action.

Through our partnership with CELEMI, a leading Swedish company in Business Simulation, we can offer appropriate solutions at a number of management levels and intervention scenarios.

Follow this link for a list of businesses, business schools and institutions around the world that have successfully employed CELEMI Business Simulation:

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